Neelu Kapoor

Neelu Kapoor

Founder and Director
SXILL School of Xperience Illusion and Life Learning

Meet Our Visionary Director - Pioneering Growth and Inspiring Success

If you want to be at a place where you are allowed to design your own curriculum, you actually want to be at SXILL.

SXILL has been designed keeping you, the learner in mind. No wonder it is being backed by all the Top Design, Animation and Gaming Studios of the country. Digitoonz, Greengold, UX Reactor, Kryptic Code, Idea Catalyst to name a few.

How SXILL Curriculum works?

The SXILL Curriculum works just like a Game, allowing you to Upskill whenever your work opens a lock. And the Gatekeepers are the employers. So in fact, the employers look at your work at every semester end. So SXILL puts you in touch with the best employers right from the start. No wonder, Placements has never been a worry for SXILL students.

SXILL Legacy

SXILL is backed by a 25 year old legacy of consistent performance and has produced Star Students which are today known names in the fields of Design, and Animation. They are behind the success of Motu Patlu,, Mobikwik, or running their own successful Brands like MusicalDoctors/ SukheE, Aleph Labs, Intelligaia, Trabug, Creative Peppers, Xtanation. Whether it is creating records at the world’s biggest animation contest 11 secs club or at Creative Minds, our trained students represent the best of India.


SXILL offers you completely flexible and indepth courses in the field of Graphics Design upto Specializations in UIUX or Animation. SXILL is affiliated with MESC India and it’s faculty are MESC approved.

SXILL has also spearheaded industry involvement in Academics and had helped MESC organize SANKALP – an Industry Academia Meet. Amongst it’s facilities are Commercial 3D Printers, Industry size Chroma Room, and Equipment, and Experienced Trainers drawn from the Industry. No wonder, SXILL Trainers are deeply involved in training the Indian talent for WorldSkills.

SXILL is also helping Colleges and Universities in designing their Curriculum and partnering with them to deliver the same. You can make the right choice today. You can choose SXILL right now!

SXILL! Where no question is left unanswered!

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