Welcome to Da Walt Code Bootcamp: Unlock the Secrets of Great Animation

Learn from Disney Masters and Acquire Industry Standard Skills in 3D Character Animation

About the Workshop

Are you passionate about animation and eager to learn from the Disney Masters themselves?

Look no further!

Da Walt Code Bootcamp offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the same training sessions that Walt Disney organized for his esteemed animators during the Golden Age of Animation. Based on a decade of longitudinal research conducted at SXILL, our program guarantees industry-standard skills in 3D character animation.

Led by Parminder Singh Roobal, an acclaimed expert in the field, this bootcamp is the culmination of his ten years of dedicated study and trials. Parminder’s exceptional teaching methods have earned him accolades such as the Best Faculty Award at the national level and the esteemed Best Jury Expert Award at the international level. Notably, his training techniques have garnered praise from top artists at Technicolor, the world’s largest production studio.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an exclusive cohort of 20 select animators. If you already possess a basic training foundation and are determined to acquire the skills that industry professionals demand, then register now to secure your spot. Seats are limited, so we encourage early applications to ensure you don’t miss out.

Mangat Ram Chauhan Mentor Character Animation with 10 + years of experience

Workshop Details

Workshop Duration

12 sessions

Session Frequency

Alternating days for a month

Session Duration

1 hour per session

Mode of Conduct

Hybrid (Online and Offline)

Key Benefits

  • Learn from Disney Masters: Gain insights and techniques directly from the vault of Disney’s great animators. Discover the secrets behind the magic of classic animation movies and apply them to your own creations.
  • Industry-Standard Skills: Acquire the essential skills demanded by leading studios in the animation industry. Our comprehensive training program ensures you develop proficiency in 3D character animation, setting you on the path to success in your career.
  • Led by Acclaimed Expert: Receive guidance from Parminder Singh Roobal, an award-winning faculty member and internationally recognized jury expert. Benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience as he shares his proven methods of training animators.
  • Praised by Top Artists: Gain recognition from industry professionals. Parminder’s training methods have received praise from renowned artists at Technicolor, the world’s largest production studio. Be part of a program that garners respect from the best in the field.
  • Exclusive Cohort: Join a select group of only 20 animators, ensuring personalized attention and a collaborative learning environment. Network with like-minded individuals and build connections that can support your future career.
  • Upskill for Defined Industry Roles: SXILL, our esteemed training and mentoring school, has a stellar track record of upskilling talent for specific roles in design, animation, and gaming. Enhance your expertise and broaden your career prospects in 3D modeling, animation, UXUI, and gaming.
  • Limited Seats: By limiting the number of participants, we ensure that every student receives the attention and resources they deserve. Apply early to secure your spot and maximize your learning experience.
  • Launchpad for Great Careers: Many animators trained by Parminder have achieved remarkable career growth. Join the ranks of successful professionals and unlock your potential in the animation industry.

Workshop Structure

Session 1
Introduction to the Right Brain
(2.5 hours)

Session 2
Perception and the Perception Shift
(2.5 hours)

Session 3
The Art of Contour Drawing
(2.5 hours)

Session 4
Proportions and Negative Space
(2.5 hours)

Session 5
Light, Shadow, and Value
(2.5 hours)

Session 6
Gestalt and Seeing Relationships
(2.5 hours)

Session 7
Drawing from Memory and Imagination
(2.5 hours)

Session 8
Exploring Complex Subjects and Textures
(2.5 hours)

Session 9
Portraits and Human Figure Drawing
(2.5 hours)

Session 10
Creative Composition and Perspective
(2.5 hours)

Session 11
Adding Depth and Dimension
(2.5 hours)

Session 12
Progress Showcase and Celebration
(2.5 hours)

Who Can Attend?

This workshop is open to individuals of all ages who have a passion for art and want to enhance their drawing skills. It is especially beneficial for school kids looking to explore their creative  abilities and develop a solid foundation in drawing .

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate artist, this workshop will provide valuable insights and techniques to help you improve your artistic expression.

Join us and embark on a creative journey filled with inspiration, learning, and artistic growth

Online Attend

Participants can attend the workshop from the comfort of their homes through our interactive online platform.

This mode provides flexibility and convenience while ensuring a rich learning experience.

Offline Attend

For those who prefer a more traditional classroom setting, our offline sessions are conducted at SXILL campus – 4th Floor, SCO 186-188, Sector 17C, Chandigarh.

We ensure a safe and conducive environment for students to explore their artistic abilities.

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to reach out to us:

Phone: +91 8847281663

Email: info@sxill.in

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