Why Bootcamp?

With more and more people joining the internet besides a substantial increase in the average time spending on the internet by individuals. This rapid changing digital pace is crucial for most businesses and they have to rely on digital presence to engage the customers.

All digital applications, mobile apps, websites and or softwares, whenever you’re operating on them or are navigating through provides you an experience which is  thoroughly enjoyable and professionally operateable.

Typically it is the work of the UX and UI designers, the individuals responsible for developing these interfaces, design it in such a manner which provides you a smooth sailing experience.

5 Days/Week

50 Hours

Online LIVE Training

A comprehensive 50 hours (25 days x 2 hrs) boot camp would take you through Design Thinking, UX Research, Visual Design, UX Design.
It is meant for those who have been attempting UX in bits and pieces and are looking to connect the dots. Not usually meant for someone who is totally new to the field, unless you would like to take a whirlwind tour before committing yourself to deeper learning.

What Skills you’ll gain?

At the end of the bootcamp you will be a certified professional for the skill with confidence to undertake a respectable rank in the industry probably one listed at the end of page under the title “Job Outcome”.

The bootcamp curriculum* broadly covers the following:

Design Thinking
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Examples
  • Method 
  • 5D
  • Design
  • Exercises
  • 5D – Di
  • 5D – Def
  • 5D – Des
  • Design Inspiration
  • Design Principles
  • Design Elements
  • Sketches & Wireframe
  • 5D – Development and Deliver
  • Advanced Principles 
  • Capstone

* this is a representative illustration of the program. The actual program may differ on some topics depending on the learning needs and acquisition speed of students

The demand for UX and UI professionals is increasing globally to conceptualize and or iterate continuously the interfaces to develop seamless user experiences.


UI Designers
Shaping the concepts to user interface designs and further to workable solutions, the UI designers have to implement all visual thinking elements and principles to create a practical solution besides being creative as desired by the stakeholders, eventually businesses.

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UX Researcher
A user experience (UX) researcher has the prime task of understanding and problem solving i.e., bringing out concrete solution. In this path he checks every string attached to the product, be it the stakeholder or the user. In the process, they use the 360 degree evaluation gathered from various researches and findings and apply in a way that contributes to a positive and smooth user experience. 

Visual Designer
Progressively it’s easy for a graphic design to grow to be a visual design professional. Visual designers works on bringing the visual aspects of a digital product, app or website to proximity perfection while performing their responsibilities with the goal of creating a creative and workable user experience.

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