Our mentors are our family and strength which are integral to us. They not only render education but also mentor the students. All our faculties have industry experience besides being researchers and industry representatives. Till date they have mentored thousands who are now well settled in the respective fields and are serving in the industry. A good mentoring is only possible after tracking the student record and recognizing the strength and weaknesses of each during the course which requires a strong relation of our mentors up close with the students. 

Neelu Kapoor Director SXILL School for Design and Animation

Neelu Kapoor

BTech, MBA
Founder and Centre Director

Vidyadaan Guru (2018 onwards)
Evangelist ASIFA India (2019 onwards)
Atal Mentor of Change
Official Judge at WhartonQS (2019)
Indiaskills Expert/ Jury (Graphics Design)

Spearheading the Brand, she is instrumental in bringing and maintaining Quality of delivery across a long career spanning 25 years in Animation Industry. The Quality standards set by her led the centre to bag the maximum awards at Creative Minds and other Competitions as well as regularly rated the best centre at Academic Quality Audits.

She has always backed and motivated the Faculty and Students to great success throughout this period. She was part of various Indian AVGC delegations abroad.

Bikramjit Singh Mentor Graphic Design and UI with 20 years of experience

Bikramjit Singh

HOD - Design

NIESBUD Qualified Faculty
NSDC Certified Faculty
SXILL Certified Faculty
Indiaskills Expert/ Jury (Graphics Design)

Armed with an Industry Experience of about 20 years including 17 years in the field of design, especially around print and graphic, as well as web and app design and development. He has successfully secured and executed projects worth more than a crores of rupees. The huge industry experience and connect that he brings to the brand is of immense value to the students.

He is incharge of grooming the students for the Graphics and Visual Design/ UI domains.

Mangat Ram Chauhan Mentor Character Animation with 10 + years of experience

Mangat Ram Chauhan

B.Sc. in Multimedia & Animation HOD - Animation

SXILL Certified Faculty

With 10+ years of experience in production in Animation in one of leading India's flagship Studios in Mumbai. Successfully mentoring animators who were taken up by all leading studios and had accelerated careers where they quickly surpassed their peers in career paths. He also guided students to great performances in the world's leading Animation Competition 11secondclub.

He has been behind some serious changes in Curriculum Design of how animation can be taught more practically to the betterment of the grooming the students in the Animation domain.


Vineet Raj Kapoor

BTech, MBA
Co-founder SXILL

Knowledge Partner TCSiON (Game Design)
Knowledge Partner TCSiON (UIUX Design)
Jury at Serious Play Awards (2020, 2021)
Trainings - IDT Expert Training by Worldskills Asia (5-9 April 2021)
Official Judge at WhartonQS (2019)
Leader of Indian Delegations to ACE Fair Korea (2016 onwards)
International Speaker and Motivator

The creative brain behind the unique SXILL Model of Training, he has immense understanding of User Experience Design and Game Design as is often quoted by leading practitioners at various Seminars and Conferences around the world. He is also the Inventor of D.E.S.I.G.N.(c) Methodology for critical thinking and A.D.E.P.T.(c) Pedagogy for learning.

Jasjeet Singh

BTech, MBA
UIUX Design

With a 7 years of experience in Web Design and Development as well as Digital Marketing, he has now developed an Expertise in User Experience Design and Interaction Design, besides the technical mastery of various coding languages required in the field.
He is incharge of grooming the students for the User Experience Design domain.

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