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About the Workshop

ABCD is a Workshop based on scientifically proven method inspired by Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Dr. Roger Walcott Sperry. The implementation is again based on Artist Betty Edwards famous techniques. The workshop has been tried and tested at SXILL where we trained an entire batch of 20 students and all were able to learn drawing. It involves training the brain to overcome it’s fears (read logic) and move over to observation mode. This workshop is also equally helpful to people who want to unlock their creative side and find themselves helpless doing so. Once you unlock the other side, you are now ready for greater roles of Leadership, so it won’t be wrong to say that this is also Leadership Training Workshop. Do not be mislead by the Term Summer Camp, we are in the middle of summer na! Attending this workshop may be a good way to unlock your personality as well!

This Training is led by Parminder Singh Roobal himself who has honed this system over a long study spanning 12 years of trials. Parminder has been awarded Best Faculty Award at National Level and Best Jury Expert Award at International Level. His methods of training Animators has won praise from top Artists at World’s Largest Production Studio – Technicolor. People trained by him have had great career graphs.

dsrb workshop-2
dsrb workshop-2
dsrb workshop progress

Self Portrait Day 1

dsrb workshop progress

Self Portrait Day 12

dsrb workshop progress

Self Portrait Day 1

dsrb workshop progress

Self Portrait Day 12

Workshop Details

Workshop Duration

12 sessions

Session Frequency

Alternating days for a month

Session Duration

2.5 hours per session

Mode of Conduct

Hybrid (Online and Offline)

Key Benefits

  1. Discover the artist within: Learn how to tap into your right brain and unleash your creativity.

  2. Enhance observational skills: Develop the ability to perceive and draw objects with accuracy and detail.

  3. Learn fundamental techniques: Gain proficiency in shading, contouring, proportions, and more.

  4. Boost confidence: Witness your artistic skills progress and gain confidence in expressing yourself through art.

  5. Unlock imagination: Explore different artistic styles and techniques to unlock your unique creative potential.

  6. Foster critical thinking: Cultivate analytical thinking and problem-solving skills through artistic challenges.

  7. Right preparation to crack Design Entrance: Acquire the essential drawing skills at the right time to excel in highly competitive entrance exams of world-class design institutes.

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    Workshop Structure

    Session 1
    Introduction to the Right Brain
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 2
    Perception and the Perception Shift
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 3
    The Art of Contour Drawing
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 4
    Proportions and Negative Space
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 5
    Light, Shadow, and Value
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 6
    Gestalt and Seeing Relationships
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 7
    Drawing from Memory and Imagination
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 8
    Exploring Complex Subjects and Textures
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 9
    Portraits and Human Figure Drawing
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 10
    Creative Composition and Perspective
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 11
    Adding Depth and Dimension
    (2.5 hours)

    Session 12
    Progress Showcase and Celebration
    (2.5 hours)

    Who Can Attend?

    This workshop is open to individuals of all ages who have a passion for art and want to enhance their drawing skills. It is especially beneficial for school kids looking to explore their creative  abilities and develop a solid foundation in drawing .

    Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate artist, this workshop will provide valuable insights and techniques to help you improve your artistic expression.

    Join us and embark on a creative journey filled with inspiration, learning, and artistic growth

    Online Attend

    Participants can attend the workshop from the comfort of their homes through our interactive online platform.

    This mode provides flexibility and convenience while ensuring a rich learning experience.

    Offline Attend

    For those who prefer a more traditional classroom setting, our offline sessions are conducted at SXILL campus – 4th Floor, SCO 186-188, Sector 17C, Chandigarh.

    We ensure a safe and conducive environment for students to explore their artistic abilities.

    For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to reach out to us:

    Phone: +91 8847281663

    Email: info@sxill.in

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