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Chances are that all your notions about learning and teaching may change at SXILL.

SXILL has taken design learning to a new level by introducing core graphics foundation and then everything else becomes an extension of the same – be in 2D or 3D Animation, 3D Art, Film Making, UI UX Design, Concept Art, Games etc. You are able to flow with your personality charting your own Course! So your User Journey at SXILL is going to be unique!

SXILL has turned pedagogy on it’s own head by first design it’s curriculum as a UX Design Excercise, taking care of all pain points of the student and iterating through it’s own curriculum after each delivery keeping the User Journey. 

SXILL also has an advanced pedagogy – E.g., from an initial learning, we end up with someone who can work in the field as a graphic designer. There are advanced modules too after this which are totally project based. They are again 4 months with the student being mentored through project areas of their choice to achieve industry level work.

All of Journey logical ends are at the hand of employers. SXILL engages employers early in your learning and invites them to overlook your learning.

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3D Animation


Graphical User Experience

Graphical Interaction

Graphical UXD Capstone

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