Welcome to SXILL's Partner Network

At SXILL, we are proud to collaborate with leading brands, universities, and colleges that share our commitment to excellence in education and professional development. Through these valuable partnerships, we aim to provide our learners with a comprehensive learning experience and expand their opportunities for growth and success. Here are some of the esteemed institutions we are privileged to work closely with:

Training Partners:

Our collaboration with various reputed institutions reinforces our dedication to providing industry-relevant training.

Through this partnership, we combine our expertise in curriculum development with their practical insights and real-world experience, resulting in a robust and well-rounded learning experience for our learners.

MESC Approved Courses
Tc ion knowledge partner
unreal authorized training partner

University/College/School Collaborations

The partnership between SXILL and various universities across India is a testament to our shared mission of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Together, we are shaping the next generation of  industry professionals by offering a comprehensive curriculum, industry-aligned training, and access to a wide network of opportunities.

SAE, Dubai
SAE, Dubai
Scientific College of Design, Oman
Scientific College of Design, Oman
University Business School, PU, Chandigarh
DY Patil, Pune
Chitkara University, Rajpura
Vidyajyoti Eduversity, Dera Bassi

Collaborations with Leading Brands

At SXILL, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of industry-leading brands that share our vision for empowering individuals through education and professional development.

These esteemed collaborations allow us to offer unparalleled learning experiences and ensure that our learners receive the highest quality training.

Here are some of our remarkable brand collaborations:

Serious play conference usa
AmimationXpress India
ASIFA, India
Global Content Bazar, Mumbai
NITTR, Chandigarh
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