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SXILL accepts applications for the following intakes – Starting April, August and December.

A curriculum that is designed by India’s leading Animation Finishing School. It takes you in a unique elective based approach, adding you skills at each turn, while working directly on projects, and Industry Vertical Partners/ Employers observing you and recommending upskilling to the deserving candidates. Technicolor, Lakshya Digital, Idea Catalyst, Cryptic Code, Digitoonz, Greengold – India’s leading Employers are all behind this advanced learning system.

This Award winning combination of mentoring and monitoring would reach you faster to your goal than any other path available.

At the end of the program, you’ll have..
✅ Industry Ready Experience in 3D Animation/ Modelling/ Graphics
✅ A portfolio that you can confidently share with clients and recruiters featuring your best work driving you opportunities

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TERM I: Graphic Design

It comprehensively covers the following –
Design Thinking, Color ComposItion, Typography, Image Composition, Brand Designing, Brand Creatives, Brand Marketing Creatives, Branding Portfolio

Target Job

    • Be able to work in the media industry at various positions as Graphic designer, Interaction Designer, Designer in a Branding company, Assets, backgrounds and illustrations designer in a Gaming and 2D Animation company.
    • Be able to work as a freelancer and or become an entrepreneur.

Target Skill

    • Understanding of basic drawing, graphics, color, illustration and asset design for mobile screens.
    • Able to design Digital graphics and or Infographics
    • Able to design Illustrations for 2D Animation and Games
    • Able to design Branding kits for business
Graphic Design course in chandigarh

TERM II: Film Designing

This is a most compact programme in Film Designing intended to give students a strong grounding into this composite skill within minimum possible time and cost. Built on the ideology – “Film designing can only be learnt by making films”, a total hands-on teaching training approach is followed.

Film designing in nutshell is where storytelling meets performance and performance meets camera. The modules proceed under two Strings. First String developing the storyteller in you. Second String teaching to capture the story and performance in Camera Language. Later both these strings meet to make you a complete Film designer.

String 1

First string starts from the very Seed of a Film i.e. Idea. Unless a student learns to deal with this first block of idea generation using tried and tested techniques, the confidence of a Film Director is difficult to experience within. From idea, students learn to develop stories and screenplays for various formats. This process needs thorough understanding of story structures, story arcs, elements of story, architecture of plots, screenwriting nuances and challenges which are taught step by step.

Storytelling comes alive once it starts getting converted into performance. Understanding principles of Acting as well as handling actors is the prime focus here to enable students to create believable and appealing Acting Performances.

String 2

The second string starts from the other end with the root element of Cinematography, that is Photography. Still photography is used as the entry tool to teach the most fundamental laws that make up an engaging cinematographer. Laws of composition, using light and shadow is the base on which the art of capturing stories in still image is played. A total hands-on indoor as well as outdoor module giving chance to students to capture the life around them with the eye of a storyteller.

Photography is seamlessly connected to the next module of this string – Cinematography. It starts with technical hold on the camera, involves aesthetic and design senses for composing shots, but the real power comes with in-depth understanding and practice of Camera Language for cinematic

This is the final course of this term. Here is where the above two strings meet to sum up into a Film. The student brings to application all the components learnt above and starts making films. Multiple films with varied Genres are made in this particular course.

Full pipeline has to be brought into practice starting from idea generation, story writing, storyboarding to shooting and post production.

Target Skills
The student after successfully graduating from this Term would

    • Be able to create live movies of short length on a given topic from start to end.
    • Be able to shoot and edit a movie on a given script and storyboard.
    • Be able to Cinematograph/storyboard a given script for a movie.
    • Be able to storm ideas and come up with ideas for a movie.
    • Be able to write a basic script for a short story on a particular idea.

Target Job
The student after successfully graduating from this Term,
Would be able to work as Video Content creator for online platforms.

    • Would be able to work as an independent Film Designer.
    • Would be able apply live film designing knowledge in other forms of films including Animations and Presentations.
    • Would be able to work as Video Content creator for Advertising and Marketing houses.
    • Would be able to work as an independent Film Designer, thereby becoming a freelancer or an entrepreneur.
2D Animation course in chandigarh

TERM III: 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

2D Animation and Motion Graphics is one of the significant types of animation. It’s broadly utilized for making animation films, Motion Graphics Explanatory videos, Adverts, character animations, corporate introductions, informative materials, computer games and much more.

This Term consists of mainly Knowledge of:
Working of animation, Fundamentals of animation, Principles of animation, Importing various utility elements for composition, Creating synchronized animations using shapes, color, typography, images etc., Rigging and Animating characters for various animations.

Sculpting stories using basic drawings and understanding of perspective, a student’s mind set is carved into developing creative ideas and concepts to bring out the visuals that are highly appealing using the appropriate media and style to meet the client’s objective.
Students are allowed to move on a path with freedom to visualize and generate animation either in the form of basic cartoon animation including character animation, motion graphics and or explanatory videos which communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers using and or managing the various animation tools to deliver the idea and call for action.

Target Job

    • Be able to breathe life to Type, Image, Illustration, Character or an object.
    • Be able to work in the media industry at various positions as Motion Designer and Animator in Web and Mobile Design company, Branding company, Gaming and or 2D Animation company.
    • Be able to work as a freelancer and or become an entrepreneur.

Target Skill

    • Understanding of various aspects of 2D animation be it motion graphics, basic character animation, typography animation, explainer videos etc.
    • Able to design Digital Motion Graphics
2D Animation course in chandigarh

TERM IV: 3D Game Art

3D GRAPHICS / GAME ART DESIGN is the fourth term of the complete programme. It focuses on creating CGI(Computer-generated imagery) usually termed as 3-Dimensional computer graphics used for creating 3D assets, backgrounds like buildings, landscapes etc., usually referred to as scenes, introduction to characters for 3D games, films, television and or VR/AR. The knowledge and education imparted at SXILL in this respect is associated with the creation of 3D Models and Texturing Objects.

The course constitutes an integrated education and competency based skills framework that provides for various career options, addressing the gap of demand and supply of skilled people in India, pushed by various policies at the governmental level under various banners like NSDC, MESC and Skill India to introduce skill-based employment oriented courses.

The course trimester consists of a basic division namely – Modeling objects, Map, Material and (TLR)Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
Comprehensively each title covers from the very scratch – Understanding of orthographic and perspective viewports i.e., 3 Dimensional space and associated tools for creation.

Object modeling in 3D space i.e., creating and editing 3D geometry using shapes, primitives, compound objects and various poly tools.

Design 3D objects – organic and or in-organic

The program focuses on all aspects of creating content, typically all elements/assets for the contemporary video games and or films; exploring everything from the theory behind the creation of successful digital entertainment titles to the generation of dedicated art and content for them. This program equips our students with the specialist skills and knowledge to enter the games, digital and creative entertainment industries be it Films, TV or Gaming.
The students focus on three main areas: art and conceptualization, asset production; and game design studies. They will take products from an initial idea through the design, visualization and technical implementation stages. As well as preparing them for a career in games, the skills and knowledge they develop in this program will also open up opportunities in a range of other sectors, such as multimedia, technology and entertainment and as previously mentioned films and or TV..

Students are allowed to move on a path with freedom to visualize and generate CGI designs which fit as per the requirement of platform and or managing tools in 3D space.

Additionally the student is also given an insight to understand the profession with a guide to the production including the vision, objective of the project or task, target audience, understanding timelines, the budgets involved, delivering in milestones, understanding the vision of stakeholders etc.


Target Job

    • Be able to work in the media industry like Gaming and or Animation companies at various positions as 3D Modeler, 3D animator, Rigger, Character Modeler, Texturing artist, Lighting and Rendering artist, Concept artist, 3D architectural visualizer, etc.
    • Be able to work as a freelancer and or become an entrepreneur.
      Target Skill – Understanding of virtual space interface of 3D softwares, alongwith modeling, texturing lighting and rendering images and or videos.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • Navigate through 3D space
    • Create 3D geometry, organic or inorganic using shapes, primitives, compound objects and editable poly tools
    • Create materials/skin and manage it’s properties on the model
    • Apply and manage advanced images/maps on the model
    • Setup and manage 3D lights in 3D environment
    • Produce near realistic output in the form of images or video.

Learn 3D Animation Course from Best Animation School in Chandigarh – Apply Now

3D Game art course in chandigarh

TERM V: 3D Animation

A foundation course intended to build a very strong foundation in 3D Animation. It offers a series of exercises developed out of research by Animation Stalwarts at Disney and contemporary 3D Animators at Hollywood.

These are in line with Top Hollywood Animation Schools with addition of Classical Methodologies of the Maestros like Walt Stanchfield, Kimon Nicolaides and Shamus Culhane.

Another important element covered in this course is the language of Gestures. Regular 3D Gesture exercises develop the most essential understanding required in creating believable character animation performances later.


Target Job
The student after successfully graduating from this Term,

    • Would be able to move to the next level of learning in Character Animation in the next Term or as an Intern in a relevant studio.
    • Would be able to work as a rigger where basic rigging skills are needed.
    • Would be able to work as an props animator in Games Studio.

Target Skill

    • Be able to apply animation principles to animate objects believably.
    • Be able to create believable 3D gestures to express a physical action or physical move.
    • Be able to rig a basic 3D character model using FK, IK and facial controls.

SXILL’s vision is to train and mentor students in the design industry to international level. Students can customize courses by choosing elective skills as per their understanding & interests. In our two decades of existence, we have developed a pedagogy to excel in education specifically into UI/UX, Graphics and Animation.

Learn 3D Animation Course from Best Animation School in Chandigarh – Apply Now

3D Animation course in chandigarh

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Career Guidance by Top Industry Experts who guide at Quora and Shiksha personally handhold you through your career choices.

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You avail a bond with the founders, mentors and the alumni community who are working in the industry from the last 25 years and come together to create avenues for the fresh talent.

Our alumni from vivid backgrounds uniting over one common agenda – DESIGN! And the best part is you get to be a part of this community

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