Comprehensively the course covers from the very scratch – Understanding and working of animation. 

3D Animation is the fifth term of the animation pipeline program that focuses on putting life into 3D Characters by learning basic workflow of Rigging a character and equips her to rig a character model making it ready for animation.

The core of this term deals with understanding the Animation Principles using simplified 3D rigs, to build a very strong foundation in 3D Character animation. To supplement this, basics of Character Rigging are also taught where a student learns to rig a character from scratch

Besides, learning the language of Gestures for body movements and the facial rigging methodology is also covered in this course so that believable character performances can be executed in animation.

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      • Introduction to Animation History
      • Basic tools of Animation
      • Animation Principles
      • Perfecting Animation with Graph Editor
      • Understanding the importance of Arcs And Paths Of Action
    • Planning and Blocking
    • Secondary Animation Principles
    • Rigging
    • Character Animation
    The animation course has been seriously designed by the experts of Best Animation Institute in Chandigarh and intends to build a very strong foundation in 3D Character Animation. It offers a series of exercises developed out of research by Animation Stalwarts at Disney and contemporary 3D Animators at Hollywood.

    SXILL’s vision is to train and mentor students in the design industry to international level. Students can customize courses as per their understanding & interests. In our two decades of existence, we have developed a pedagogy to excel in education specifically into UI/UX, Graphics and Animation.

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    Learn from Best Animation Institute in Chandigarh

    When most Education bodies are offering the industry the students trained as per their designed curriculums and leaves the hard work to the Industry to realign the students according to them, SXILL is taking a total reverse approach.

    Here Employers and Industry is being directly involved to design the courses as per their needs. The method adopted to craft the syllabus is multifold.

    Work in Best Animation Studios in India

    Here are some of major studios in which our students have been placed

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    placement by best animation institute in chandigarh
    placement by best animation institute in chandigarh

    Why SXILL is best for you?


    SXILL Advantage

    SXILL Is The Only Animation Institute In Chandigarh Right Now having all these .

    It may sound an over-statement. We invite you to cross check and confirm this fact!!

    Direct involvement of Industry & Employers

    The attempts across the region till now have been to achieve academia-industry in various ways. Most attempts at their best, touch the possibilities of industry internships, syllabus inputs from the industry.

    At SXILL, first time an innovative methodology has been implemented wherein Industry and Employers are directly engaged in the training each student

    Sustainable Placement Strategy

    In the name of Placement, every Institute till date has attempted at its best to invite employers in the campus, arrange job interviews or have tie-ups with employers.  None has ever come up with a sustainable strategy that makes progression of learning in academy to getting into employment seamless for students as well as employers.

    SXILL has developed a never witnessed, highly intricate strategy that makes placement safest and natural for even the last student.

    Gamified Progression (GiON)

    SXILL Learning is design like a game. You progress as per your level of learning. A high level of Skills can open gates for the student to learn at a higher level.

    A student can crack levels and progress more than others by sheer dint of their performance.

    Create your own Curriculum (CYOC)

    Biggest challenge we have found the students facing in this industry is to find out, what they are good at. Mostly students waste lot of time and energy during the study and in the initial professional years trying to find their match.

    The program at SXILL doesn’t offer you a linear path to follow. It gives a ground on which you try and find your own path to find your talent saving at least 4 to 5 years of your life. 

    SXILLS (P2P) - Peer Review System

    SXYPASS is the unique P2P learning platform developed by our group company VirtualSoft for a 360 degree learning of the student.

    It is a core philosophy of the platform that has lead our students moving into supervisory and managerial positions early on in their careers

    ADEPT (C) Taxonomy

    SXILL follows a pedagogy based on the ADEPT (C) Taxonomy that is proposed to the world by it’s own founder.

    The ADEPT (C) Taxonomy is much more suited to Creative Education than the popular Bloom’s Taxonomy. Aligning with Agile style, it allows the student to grasp each concepts in 3 stages which understanding the aspects of each stage

    D.E.S.I.G.N. (C) Methodology

    SXILL follows the D.E.S.I.G.N. (C) Methodology that is brought to the world by it’s own Founder.

    Steeped in Oriental Wisdom, D.E.S.I.G.N. (C) brings a fresh approach to designing. This is first time in the world that this methodology is being used to train students

    In House Studio

    SXILL is backed by Virtualsoft, which is one of the leading studios in offshore projects as well as IPs.

    One of the top Off-the-Shelf IP Seller at Turbosquid, and a leading Service Provider at UpWork, it has become a go-to place for all regional corporate as well as government offices when it comes to unique solutions. 

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