Whenever employers and Industry is consulted, a repeated statement that comes from them is that if there is one thing they are interested in from a student before anything, it’s a PORTFOLIO. Portfolio is a compilation of works in a presentable form to aptly showcase the relevant skills to prospective employers and clients.

In our program we have dedicated an entire semester on this to leave no gap in connecting the student with the right employer. A dedicated problem statement is shared with students to work on practically of what they have learnt earlier, do some design thinking and come up with a solution and give it a presentable shape similar to genesis and nurturing a brand. 

As already mentioned – Graphic Designing as a career is on a great pace. Companies are continuing to increase their digital presence, requiring graphic designers to help create visually appealing and effective layouts of websites.

Mark it – For companies to hire a niche specialized candidate, the first thing they look into is your portfolio. Portfolio alone is the first marker to choose for any or all companies looking to hire a coveted candidate.

SXILL’s vision is to train and mentor students in the design industry to international level. Students can customize courses as per their understanding & interests. In our two decades of existence, we have developed a pedagogy to excel in education specifically into UI/UX, Graphics and Animation.

SXILL Advantage



Trained Professionals

Team of Industry Recognized Experts with a combined experience of more than 100 years back the SXILL Course Delivery.

Backed By Industry Partners

India’s leading Studios in each Vertical are backing SXILL by setting expectations and curating our Courses

1-on-1 Mentoring

Mentors monitor your progress across the various programs while guiding each individual as per their strength

Career Guidance

Career Guidance by Top Industry Experts who guide at Quora and Shiksha personally handhold you through your career choices.

Lifetime support

You avail a bond with the founders, mentors and the alumni community who are working in the industry from the last 25 years and come together to create avenues for the fresh talent.

Community Access

Our alumni from vivid backgrounds uniting over one common agenda – DESIGN! And the best part is you get to be a part of this community

Course Offerings



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Career Options



  • Graphic designer
  • Logo designer
  • Product designer
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Art director
  • Layout artist
  • Illustration artist
  • Motion graphic artist
  • Visualization artist
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