1. Level up options are given only to select students. Level 2 is mentoring level and not a teaching level.
  2. Level up options are not based on fee but on selection only. The selection by Jury shall be final and would not subject to challenge.
  3. Success in course is based on the student achieving excellence for level up progression. In special cases a student may be allowed to rejoin the module subject to availability and payment of extra fees as applicable.
  4. Parallel modules are not allowed in normal cases. In rare cases a parallel module may be allowed at extra cost.
  5. The Partner companies are indicative and subject to change based on availability and interest of the partners. Date of start of Industry level depends on the Partner and may vary, so the options may be discussed at that stage. If the length of the Industry level training increases, then the cost would proportionately increase.
  6. The student shall obey all state and national laws and any contravention may subject the student to dismissal without notice.
  7. All work and assignments done by students during are owned by the institute. However the student is permitted to share the same in their portfolios.
  8. The student is allowed EXIT at the end of any module (typically modules are 4 months) on payment of an Early Exit Fee (currently the EXIT Fee is INR 10000)
  9. All Fee are subject to taxes as existing and applicable to the institute.
  10. Any extra certifications provided shall be subject to payment of any applicable fees, which may be nominal in most cases.
  11. Scholarships are not automatic and subject to application being made prior to admission.
  12. Placement support shall be provided to all eligible candidates, who have cleared the course and also have shown discipline and consistency during the course.
  13. All fee agreed are final and not subject to change except in case of any change in government laws or additional taxes.
  14. Students are not allowed to take any break in their education, in any circumstances.
  15. SXILL may bring to table experts from India or abroad and the faculty may be online/ offline as per their preference.
  16. SXILL/ Virtual Group of Companies reserve the right to use its student’s name/ picture/ comments for any online/ offline brand promotion without requiring any additional consent.
  17. Subject to availability of seats, SXILL may offer registration in MESC’s Graphic Design Certification to all career programs (4 or more terms taken). For short term students an additional fee of Rs. 2500 would be there.