Comprehensively the course covers from the very scratch – Understanding of orthographic and perspective viewports i.e., 3 Dimensional space and associated tools for creation. 

The course broadly covers object modeling in 3D space be it organic or in-organic i.e.,  creating and editing 3D geometry using tools like:

    • Shapes
    • Primitives
    • Compound Objects
    • Poly

The program focuses on all aspects of creating content, typically all elements/assets for the  contemporary video games and or films; exploring everything from the theory behind the creation of successful digital entertainment titles to the generation of dedicated art and content for them. This program equips our students with the specialist skills and knowledge to enter the games, digital and creative entertainment industries be it Films, TV or Gaming. 

The students  focus on three main areas: 

    • Art and Conceptualization,
    • Asset Production;
    • Game Design Studies.

They will take products from an initial idea through the design, visualization and technical implementation stages. As well as preparing them for a career in games, the skills and knowledge they develop in this program will also open up opportunities in a range of other sectors, such as multimedia technology and entertainment and as previously mentioned films and or TV.

Students are allowed to move on a path with freedom to visualize and generate CGI designs which fit as per the requirement of platform and or managing tools in 3D space.  

SXILL’s vision is to train and mentor students in the design industry to international level. Students can customize courses as per their understanding & interests. In our two decades of existence, we have developed a pedagogy to excel in education specifically into UI/UX, Graphics and Animation.

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SXILL Advantage


Team of Industry Recognized Experts with a combined experience of more than 100 years back the SXILL Course Delivery.

India’s leading Studios in each Vertical are backing SXILL by setting expectations and curating our Courses

1-on-1 Mentoring

Mentors monitor your progress across the various programs while guiding each individual as per their strength

Career Guidance

Career Guidance by Top Industry Experts who guide at Quora and Shiksha personally handhold you through your career choices.

Lifetime support

You avail a bond with the founders, mentors and the alumni community who are working in the industry from the last 25 years and come together to create avenues for the fresh talent.

Our alumni from vivid backgrounds uniting over one common agenda – DESIGN! And the best part is you get to be a part of this community

Course Offerings


3D Game Art Design Course is the one of the various courses offered at SXILL which constitute integrated education and competency based skills framework that provides for various career options, addressing the gap of demand and supply of skilled people in India, pushed by various policies at the governmental level under various banners like BOAT, NSDC, MESC and Skill India to introduce skill-based employment oriented courses.

SXILL’s game art design course prepares you for an awesome career as a game art designer!
From Assassin’s Creed to Halo 5, League of Legends to Overwatch, the video game and e-sports industry is growing at a rapid pace. Opportunities for highly-skilled, talented game art designers are everywhere. It’s a great time to get into the industry. But to learn game art on your own can seem daunting. Books and tutorials are a good start, but nothing beats learning from the professionals that are working in industry.

Our 3D Game Art Design Course for beginners teaches you how to create unbelievable art and realistic assets. Be personally guided by talented industry mentors who will teach you the latest studio techniques and get you job-read.

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