9 Ways to Encourage Employee Sharing and Engagement on an Intranet

Summary: Keysight Technologies uses features such as comments, executive question-and-answer forums, and monthly photo contests to encourage employee-generated content and sharing on the intranet.

Keysight Technologies has over 13,900 employees in 31 countries. Its new intranet, Keysight Pulse, is the center of the company’s digital workplace and one of the 10 winners of our 2021 Intranet Design Annual award.

Encouraging Employee Feedback, Content, and Questions

When the corporate-communications team at Keysight Technologies redesigned the intranet, one of the main goals was to create a strong sense of community among employees across all company locations. To support this vision for engagement, Pulse offers 9 ways for employees to connect and share with each other on the intranet:

1. Commenting on news articles and executive updates: Commenting features appear at the bottom of news articles and videos and have fostered a sense of comradery and liveliness on the intranet. Employees can react with a thumbs-up on individual comments or reply to another employee’s comment. To monitor participation, Keysight tracks which articles and content types receive the most comments.

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