ConocoPhillips’s Improved Intranet Content-Management Process

Summary: ConocoPhillips included publishers in its intranet redesign to improve content processes and offer new tools to create high-quality information for employees.

ConocoPhillips’s 16,000 employees and contractors rely on the intranet, The Mark to get news and information about company operations and initiatives. In a recent redesign, the intranet team focused on improving publishing processes and added helpful resources for content authors and managers . Photo-sizing tools and local targeting for employees at 15 company locations have improved the consistency and relevance of the intranet content, as well as the employees’ satisfaction.

Balancing Global and Local Content in a Distributed Model

ConocoPhillips follows a distributed content-management model , where employees and subject matter experts can freely submit intranet content. People write articles, record podcasts, and create videos to share information.

While the corporate-communications team manages global content, 1–4 local publishers are trusted to manage content at each of the company’s 15 locations. However, managing local intranet content is only one part of their jobs. Because publishers needed fulfill their intranet responsibilities on top of their full-time roles, it was even more important to find process efficiencies.

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