Design-Pattern Guidelines: Study Guide

Summary: Unsure how to design and implement user-interface patterns? Use this collection of links to our content about specific patterns.

This article lists some of our content that provides specific guidelines on designing a variety of interface patterns , from toggle switches to navigations tabs.

If you’re new to designing interfaces, check out the 10 usability heuristics for user-interface design , which are foundational principles for interaction design. From there, use the resources below for guidance on designing specific interface patterns.

After a couple of years, are these guidelines still valid ? These usability guidelines are dependent mostly on human behavior, which changes slowly, and a lot less on the specifics of a given technology, which can change quickly. As you adopt the following guidelines in your own work, consider the core user behaviors and usability principles at play (not just the technology). Don’t throw out old findings because of their age.

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