Growing in Your UX Career: Study Guide

Summary: Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to articles, videos, and a free report for advice to grow in your user experience career.

UX practitioners come from different backgrounds, yet there are specific skills and responsibilities deemed as crucial in the industry today. Here’s a compilation of NN/g’s most useful articles and videos about growing in your UX career. We also share a free report based on research studies carried out with 722 UX professionals around the world. Within each section, the resources are in recommended reading order.

UX Careers: An Overview

This compilation is a collection of resources geared toward existing UX practitioners and those considering a career transition into UX.  It’s meant to help you with career-related questions such as which path to choose within UX or what to include in a research or design portfolio.

As people come to UX at very different stages of their lives and from different roles, the resources are divided by career levels ( entry-level and mid-level or senior ) so you can jump straight to the content that applies to you. The first section below is dedicated to the general UX-career advice and ways to present your work when applying for user-experience positions.

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