How to Write a Mission Statement for a UX Team: A Case Study in Design Operations

Summary: Create a team mission statement collaboratively with your team. Make sure everybody understands what a mission statement is and abstract the core purpose and value of your team by identifying themes in stories of value about your team.

For many UX, design, or DesignOps teams — especially those actively attempting to grow or establish their presence, scale their influence, or increase their level of UX maturity — a formalized team mission statement can promote internal alignment and external recognition of the team’s focus and value within the larger organization. Even though having a shared mission is generally accepted as valuable,  generating a mission statement can feel a little abstract for teams unfamiliar with the process.

This article provides a practical, step-by-step guide for creating a mission statement using collaborative activities that lead teams through understanding what a mission is, defining the unique value of the team, and capturing that value in a memorable, succinct statement.

What Is a Team Mission Statement?

Definition : A team mission statement is a concise articulation of the core purpose of a team and the value that the team provides to the rest of the organization.

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