Johnson & Johnson’s Intranet Consolidation and Roadmap

Summary: Johnson & Johnson’s redesigned intranet centralizes company news and digital-workplace tools on a single platform. Its intranet roadmap focused on problems to solve to improve productivity and boost the intranet’s perception.

Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest healthcare company. Its intranet, Home, supports a global workforce of over 135,000 employees. The goal of its recent redesign was to better unite the digital-workplace ecosystem and drive a one-stop experience for employees.

An Employee-Centered Approach to Reducing Fragmentation

Before the redesign, Johnson & Johnson’s intranet team gathered quantitative and qualitative data to learn more about employees’ problems with the then current toolset. Workers were frustrated by the absence of a cohesive intranet and surveys revealed that digital tools and content were lacking. Employees shared negative comments such as:

“Bring together the variety of Johnson & Johnson websites into one easily accessible place, so when I need something, there is one website and I know where to go.”

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