New Learning Resources from Wireframing Academy

The third pillar of Balsamiq, after the tool and the company, is teaching people about UI and UX. We’ve been so invested in this that in 2019 we doubled the size of the team. Since then, our educational efforts got a proper name — Balsamiq Wireframing Academy — and the Education team has been working on many different initiatives.

Today I’d like to share with you 5 pages we recently added to the website, hoping you’ll find them useful.

If you need inspiration: UX Quotes Library

The most recent addition is a collection of quotes about Wireframing, UX, and Design.

The Library has more than 100 quotes right now, both from Wireframing Academy content and from third-party articles and resources. We’ll keep adding more quotes, and you also have the chance to suggest your favorite ones!

Fun fact: the library shares the quotes with Balsamiq Wireframes — if you use the tool, you’ll read a random quote every time one of your Balsamiq projects takes a while to load

If you’re looking for a career in UX: Advice for getting started

We created a page with our favorite UX resources and links for people who want to know more about a career in User Experience Design.

You’ll find:

Articles about UX education paths and online courses
Descriptions of different types of UX jobs and design job websites
Resources and templates about Portfolios
Links to design communities

If you’re a visual or auditory learner: Talks and Presentations page

Our design educators are often invited to be a guest for a podcast or give a talk about Wireframing, User Experience, and User Interface Design.

We thought it would be nice to collect all the recordings on one page. It’s one more way for you to learn at your own pace.

If you like to learn by reading: A new home for our articles

We ditched the chronological blog view in favor of a more curated view of our articles. We grouped them in different sections:

Get started with wireframes
Highlighted articles
Recent articles

You can still retrieve the blog view using the All articles filter.

For each article now we also show the reading time and its categories.

If you want to learn from us live: Balsamiq Wireframing Webinars

We’re about to launch a series of webinars curated and hosted by our educators Leon and Billy. The first webinar is on April 29 — save the date! — and it’s all about designing effective data tables.

The new webinar page on Wireframing Academy will include information of future webinars as well as past webinar recordings.

Last but not least: Tell us what you need!

Our biggest goal is to meet the needs of our community. We’re always eager to discover what content we should create for you.

If you’d like to help us learn what to create, please complete this survey. It’s quick!

Till the next time