Online Shoppers Take Note of Socially Conscious Retailers

Summary: Ecommerce brands that demonstrate their efforts toward social causes stand out to customers who hold similar values.

With so many options online, consumers are beginning to compare retailers based on factors that go beyond products and price. In a recent study of ecommerce websites, we noticed an increase in the number of ecommerce sites that showcased the organization’s values and its meaningful efforts toward causes that consumers care about. Participants in our study noticed as well. Many of them commented positively about those companies that demonstrated values aligned with their own.

Companies that made a concerted effort to give back to society and their communities were perceived as more benevolent and responsible than companies that didn’t. Participants liked to see that organizations cared about people and the environment; support for these causes influenced users’ perceptions of the companies and elicited good feelings about doing business with them.

A few of the common social causes that impressed users were:

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