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Parminder Singh Roobal is a Design and Animation Professional with over 18 years of Industry Experience. He has been simultaneously active both in production and education/training since the onset of his career. During his career, apart from successfully handling countless Animation and Design projects for clients around the Globe, he has mentored and trained thousands of students to built a successful career in creative fields. For education management also he has been rewarded at National level.

His most enjoyable venture has been the attempt to bring feature quality 3D character animation training to North India on the lines of International Schools very early on before 2010. His experiments with the training of high end 3D character animation were highly acknowledged, his students directly picked by the top employers of India including Xentrix, Technicolor, MEL, DQ entertainment, Prime Focus, Pranas. Technicolor even Awarding the best learner’s award to one of his student among all the freshers they hired.

He underwent deep research and study of universally acknowledged methods and exercises of Kimon Nicolaides for Art Study.To apply these methods to Animation Education he studied Walt Stanchfield, the legendary Animation Educator at Disney Studios and Shamus Culhane, who cracked the code to deal with creative blocks and enter creative flights while animating. As a base of course he studied Betty Edwards and all his theories and methods about right brain and creative modes.

When he combined the above studies to the current methods and exercises being employed by Hollywood animation schools (online/offline) which he experienced himself by doing 1500 hrs hands-on exercises, the results were near magic.

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