Service Blueprints: How to Choose What Experience to Visualize

Summary: Start with a small-to-medium experience, that is known to be problematic, comes with existing data, will be redesigned soon, and that you can control.

Our research with practitioners who use service blueprints suggests that choosing which experience to visualize is one of the most challenging aspects of getting started with service blueprinting.

In many cases, you will be tasked with creating a service blueprint to help your team evaluate a problematic experience and find ways to improve it. But another common scenario is that where a practitioner new to blueprinting is looking to learn and bring this powerful technique to their organization. In that situation, you will have some freedom to determine what and when you blueprint. This article will provide guidance on selecting the scope of your service blueprints when you have some flexibility to choose what experience to visualize.

A service blueprint is a diagram that visualizes the relationship between service components that are directly tied to touchpoints in a specific customer journey . The scope of the blueprint refers to the experience (or specific customer journey) to be visualized. To define your service blueprint’s scope, first identify the level of scope you’ll need, then prioritize a specific experience you wish to evaluate.

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