The State of UX Maturity: Data from Our Self-Assessment Quiz

Summary: Half of 5,371 UX professionals were in stage 3 (emergent maturity) out of the 6-stage UX maturity model, and very few scored at the highest end. The lowest-maturity organizations are likely not captured.

In June 2021, we unveiled our new UX-maturity model along with a free, self-reported maturity quiz. Since then, we’ve acquired a large number of quiz responses from over 5,000 UX professionals around the world.

This article presents our analysis of this self-reported UX-maturity data.

Scoring the Quiz

The self-assessment quiz consists of 13 questions. These questions are closely based on the maturity model and are intended to capture different aspects of UX maturity. Each response earns a number of points. These points are totaled at the end of the quiz to produce a maturity score.

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