UX-Maturity Stage 1: Absent

Summary: A company at this stage is either oblivious to UX or believes it doesn’t apply to what it does.

This article describes stage 1 in the six-stage NN/g UX-maturity model . Get an idea of your organization’s UX maturity by taking a short quiz (10 minutes or less).

In stage-1 organizations, user experience (UX) is completely absent. A company at this stage is either oblivious to user-centered thinking or believes it does not need it. UX work is not planned, let alone incorporated into the organization’s vision. The few people at the organization who think about users are ignored or dismissed.

When UX is absent, there may be complete ignorance about UX, apathy, or half-hearted intentions which favor the idea of UX but never follow through with action. In some cases, there may even be hostility towards adopting UX practices.

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