UX-Maturity Stage 5: Integrated

Summary: Organizations at this stage are in an excellent position, with successful, sustainable UX practices and committed people.

This article describes stage 5 in the six-stage NN/g UX-maturity model . Get an idea of your organization’s UX maturity by taking a short quiz (10 minutes or fewer).

Stage 5 is a great place to be in terms of UX maturity. Organizations at stage 5 have successful and sustainable UX practices. Most teams at stage-5 organizations are performing efficiently and effectively and have a strong focus on users. There is often innovation in UX methods and processes and, sometimes, there is even contribution to UX as a field. When UX is integrated, there is high awareness and buy-in for UX-focused activities and processes. People across the organization understand users and focus on them to deliver products and services that meet their needs. Stage 5 is the highest stage of UX Maturity that most organizations will ever reach, though our model includes one more rarely attained stage above it.

Stage 5 encompasses stage 7 of our previous model . Most companies are at a stage below 5 and achieving this stage is a good UX-maturity goal.

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