Innovation in Business has Awarded SXILL as the Best Animation and Design Institute 2023 across the world under their Media Innovator Awards. The same is reflected on their website

Vineet Raj Kapoor (Indian IDT Expert Worldskills, and Founder SXILL) shared “SXILL is always committed to excellence and the acknowledgement by leading Award bodies adding trophies to our Awards shelf is only a side dish for our students – who are reveling in their careers at Amazon, Microsoft, Xentrix, Technicolor, Cosmos Maya, Digitoonz, PhilmCGI, 88 Pictures and other leading Studios.”

Awards Coordinator Jack Ford commented on the incredible achievements of our winners: “Being able to connect with such a vibrant selection of enterprises which contribute great things to the media industry has been a pleasure. By hosting this awards programme I have learned more of the integral industry and how our winners play a pivotal role for us and the generations to come. Congratulations!”

The website announces – Congratulating SXILL for the Exceptional Work in the field of Animation and Design Academics and Skilling. Innovation in Business is proud to annouce that after rigorous evaluations SXILL was found to be the Most Innovative Animation and Design Institute of India (2023). With laddered learning, 360 degree learning, industry backed learning, SXILL has taken not just design but entire education into future. adopt the ADEPT pedagogy by it’s own Founder Vineet Raj Kapoor & cofounded by Neelu Kapoor

Neelu Kapoor (Indiaskills Graphic Design Technology Jury) and Founder SXILL thanked “Innovation in Business” for the Best Animation and Design Institute Award and for reaching out to us after researching thousands of Institutes. We take this award from England as a Global Acceptance of our Brand. This helps students in Europe and America to have an alternative that is more value for money. We surely understand that the students across the world share the same issues of financial burden while studying and are doing our bit in easing that for them.

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