Fascinating Stories Behind Famous Fashion Logos

It is almost impossible to miss an attractive logo design. Logos are one of the most important parts of a brand’s marketing strategy. Without an attractive logo design, you may face a lot of difficulty in creating a positive impression in the minds of the audience. The brand symbol is usually among the first things that people notice about a business and if it doesn’t engage them, businesses could lose out on potential customers.

People associate the brand with its logo and form a perception according to its elements which include colors, fonts, shapes or icons and typography. Since it is crucial for businesses to send out the right message from the beginning, they do put a lot of thought into logo design. While some choose to draw inspiration from their family history or roots, others incorporate elements  that represent meaningful events in their lives.

When it comes to fashion logos, you would be surprised to discover that many of them have a lot of fascinating stories behind them.

– Gucci

While you may recognize the famous brand with its clean and modern wordmark, the brand is also recognized by its ‘GG’ lettermark. The emblem that features two interconnected ‘Gs’ is popularly used on handbags, belts and accessories designed by the fashion house. Now, people commonly believe that the initials represent the name Gucci but are unaware of the highly interesting story behind it.

Image Source: gucci.com

What’s Fascinating: This brand goes back to 1921 when it was founded by a little known designer, Guccio Gucci in Florence. He worked as a porter in the Savoy hotel and became inspired by the luxury suitcases that he had to carry for the guests. After learning and researching various designs, Gucci came to Florence and started making handcrafted products for the people.

He became famous in a short time and soon established a luxury fashion house that is globally recognized today. From 1921 to 1933, the brand did not have a logo but one of Gucci’s sons wanted to create a unique identity for it. He came up with the idea of using his father’s initials ‘GG’ as a brand symbol and produced the design as it is known today.

Image Source: Pinterest

– Fendi

The fashion house is known across the world by its combination logo which features both a lettermark and wordmark. Eduardo and Adele Fendi created the fashion house in 1925 and began producing luxury clothing and accessories. The first logo that was used by the brand featured a squirrel which was holding a nut on a tree branch. At the time, this symbol meant a lot to the founding family as it was taken from a painting that Eduardo Fendi gave to his wife. The design was very unique as this was one of the first animal logos being used by a fashion brand.

Image Source: wikimedia

What’s Fascinating: In 1965, the brand identity design was changed as Karl Lagerfield joined the fashion house as a creative director. The futuristic logo that you see today was actually created by him. Lagerfield was hired to give the brand’s fur collection a new look and attract a high-end clientele. He came up with the monogram ‘FF’ that you see on most bags and clothes presently. The creative designer sketched the inverted ‘Fs’ in five seconds and the initials actually refer to the phrase ‘fun fur’.

Image Source: pinterest

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– Chanel

This luxury brand is one of the most famous in the world and its interlocking ‘Cs’ are recognized as a symbol of sophistication and elegance everywhere. Chanel’s couture and accessories have been worn by celebrities, world leaders and icons for decades now. The brand was founded by Coco Chanel in 1910 and she designed the logo herself which has retained its original design to this day. Since it was founded, there have been minimal upgrades to the logo which is as interesting as its creator.

Image Source: wikimedia

What’s Fascinating: The origins of the symbol have started a lot of debates in the fashion world. A lot of people believe that Coco Chanel got the inspiration for the interconnected ‘Cs’ which also look like a reflection of each other in the mirror are inspired by her childhood. She grew up in a shelter during her early days and saw the design in one of the windows of the Aubazine Chapel. It is assumed that the ‘Cs’ were a pattern on the stained glass and immediately inspired Chanel.

Image Source: facebook.com/chanel

– Versace

Gianni Versace, the founder of the fashion house, attracted a lot of interest from his audience and the public throughout his life. He was called a creative genius and founded the brand in 1978. His clothes, jewelry and bags are popular for their unique designs and as a symbol of luxury. The designer first used his name as the logo which remained as the office icon of the fashion house until 1993. In that year, Versace redesigned the graphics and introduced the illustration of the Greek goddess, Medusa which is recognized around the world today.

Versace Logo (1993) – Image Source: kindpng.com

What’s Fascinating: Originally, the logo was featured in a monochrome and black and goldG variation as well. Gianni Versace chose Medusa to represent the brand as he had a deep interest in Greek mythology. Due to her beauty, she was cursed by Athena and had a look or gaze which could turn people into stone. Versace wanted to incorporate that element into the brand, as in whoever looked at his creations, couldn’t turn away. His sister, Donatella Versace, went on to say that Medusa’s head was incorporated into Versace’s residence and interiors as well.

Current Versace Logo (1997) – Image Source: wikimedia

– Louis Vuitton

The brand is known for its high-end products, particularly bags and luggage. It was established by Louis Vuitton in 1854 and introduced its logo during the time. The symbol of the fashion house has remained unchanged till today. While you may recognize the logo design as the lettermark LV, the brand also uses a flower or a Japanese motif on a few of its creations. The monogram and the flower can be seen on various bags and luxury luggage items.

Image Source: wikimedia

What’s Fascinating: Georges Vuitton, Louis Vuitton’s son, drew the initials by hand. Its typography was also introduced at the time and has become recognized globally. He also came up with the use of the motif or flower to help the brand stand out and make it difficult for others to plagiarize or copy the symbol. As the luxury fashion house was becoming famous, its suitcases and bags attracted a lot of attention.

Since they were expensive, there was a risk that other designers or fashion houses would start creating fakes or similar designs and sell them under Vuitton’s name. In order to avoid this, George Vuitton trademarked the symbol and set one of the first examples of branding in fashion.

Monogram and Motif- Image Source: businessoffashion.com

– Hermes

This brand is one of the biggest symbols of luxury and is on the wish list for many as well. From celebrities to political personalities, Hermes has attracted a highly exclusive clientele from around the world. It was established in 1837 in Paris, France by Theirry Hermes. Interestingly enough, the company’s logo has been the same since the 1950s.

Image Source: logo-download.com

What’s Fascinating: You may recognize the luxury brand logo from its elaborate design of a horse and carriage. The story behind the logo is that the fashion house began as a small shop in Paris which made leather accessories for horses which were kept by European royalty and noblemen. Its logo which was introduced in 1929 represents the origins and history of the brand.

Image Source: logos-world.net

– Lacoste

You cannot miss the green crocodile anywhere and it is recognized instantly by most people. The brand was founded in 1933 in Troyes, France and has its current headquarters in Paris. Tennis players Rene Lacoste and Andre created the brand which might be responsible for the first shirt ever worn in the sport with a logo and brand name on it. Lacoste was a tennis champion who earned the nickname ‘the crocodile’ due to his winning performances on the court.

Image Source: wikimedia

What’s Fascinating: It is believed that Rene Lacoste saw a suitcase made of alligator skin and made a bet with the team captain of the French Davis Cup that he would get it if he won. However, the player lost the match but became known by the nickname in the world of tennis. Soon enough, he started wearing clothes which featured the logo of the alligator or crocodile.

Image Source: Pinterest

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most fascinating stories behind a few well-known fashion logos. You may be surprised to discover a lot of them. Great logos require a lot of inspiration which can come from anywhere. If you are looking to design a brand symbol for your fashion business, you could collaborate with a professional and come up with a memorable and relevant icon.

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