Handyman Branding Ideas For Startups In 2022

For businesses starting out in the handyman industry, creating a strong impression on the audience is critically important. In this day and age, consumers have a lot of choice in products and services. Business owners are also facing tough competition to reach out to people and attract a wider customer base. With digitalization, more channels for marketing and promotions have opened up but you also have to make sure that you make use of them in the best way possible.

As people’s attention spans become shorter, you have a very small window to make an impact on the viewer and increase brand recognition. According to a report, it takes around seven seconds for a brand to create a perception in the minds of the consumers. For handyman startups, you should focus on coming up with effective branding techniques and ideas that help people connect with your business instantly.

In case you are looking for a few good handyman branding ideas for startups, these are some effective ones that could help your business grow in 2022.

Add A Relevant Icon To Your Logo

If you think about it, one of the first things that people notice on a business web page, application or brochure is the logo. When you are searching for branding ideas for your handyman startup, it is a good idea to begin with the brand identity design.

For handyman logos, you can take a look at some of the top apps and businesses for inspiration. They usually have clean and minimalistic brand symbols that instantly tell the viewer what the business is about.

In order to create graphics that are memorable and appeal to the eye instantly, you can consider adding icons to the design. It is best to get a professional logo and work with experts to finalize elements which represent your handyman startup.

Incorporating relevant icons for handyman logos such as tools for repair or geometric shapes can help you create a brand logo which makes a positive impression on the audience. Sometimes, a simplistic wordmark or lettermark can also work quite well as such graphics are common in the industry as well.

Image Source: Zillion Design

Image Source: Zillion Designs

Image Source: Zillion Designs

Create Engaging Videos

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes in the world of marketing. There was a high number of people watching videos on different channels and social media networks. This is one trend that has continued to dominate. According to a report by HubSpot, around 86 percent of businesses are now using videos as a tool for promoting and marketing their products or services.

With engaging explainer videos or short ones on social media accounts, you can help people become familiar with your business and brand. You could also post tutorial or DIY videos about repairs, painting or remodeling. This way, the content you put out is likely to remain in memory and connect with the audience as well. Porchis one example of a business that tells its audience about the services with video marketing. The company has a youtube channel that is linked within their web page and features engaging promotional videos and how-to tutorials as well.

Make Use Of Social Media Banners

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some social media networks that have provided businesses with the opportunity to promote themselves through creative banners. These are basically cover images that you can see when you visit a particular account or profile. The banners are designed to catch attention on the header and feature logo design, slogan, special offer or announcement, and even a testimonial. You can create them for your business accounts or have a professional designer work on those as well.

Take a look at the example below, you will see how such ads can be used effectively to tell people about handyman services and increase visibility.

Image Source: facebook.com

Run Email Marketing Campaigns

If you ask an experienced digital marketer about successful branding ideas, they will be likely to include email marketing in the list. It is actually quite powerful and can help attract a lot of attention from existing and new customers as well. In order to run an effective email marketing campaign, you need to build an email list with sign-up forms on the website or discount offers.

This can help you reach out to your audience and inform them about your services, qualified experts and special deals that would allow them to save money on a few repairs. You can send out emails encouraging people to sign up for holiday deals or discounts. If you have an application, tell your audience about its features and the services you offer with a call-to-action downloading it.

Email marketing also allows you to engage with people on a personal level and create a positive perception of your brand in their minds. You can email newsletters, DIY tutorials or tips and tricks to clients on your list.

It could help spread awareness and make it easier for people to recall your brand when they see the logo or tagline. Most businesses tend to add their brand symbols or use relevant color schemes that are closely associated with their visual identity. Take a look at the example of the email below. With a well-designed template and engaging visuals, Handy can immediately get the attention of the viewer and convince them to check out the business.

Image Source: blog.hubspot.com

Launch An Interactive Application

This way, you can reach out to a wider consumer base and make it easier for people to book services and make quick payments. Applications can also increase brand awareness as they include features such as the brand identity design, a relevant color palette and imagery. Take the example of the Thumbtack app which is easily available to both Android and iOS users.

Image Source: Thumbtack.com/App

It has a modern and minimalist design, and immediately simplifies the process of booking a handyman in a suitable category. For startups, having an app can prove to be quite useful and generate a lot of interest from the local community as well. Even if you are looking to rebrand your handyman business, this strategy can help you reach out to more customers.

Wrapping Up

These are a few handyman branding ideas for startups in 2022 that you can consider to raise awareness. While social media marketing and apps are some of the best promotional tools to increase reach, a few strategies such as emails and banner ads can also lead to a high return. Keep in mind that you need to have a well-designed website before anything else so people can easily find information about your business.

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