How These Gym Workout Website Designs Shape Their Brands

The website design of a brand can be crucial for influencing the perception and purchasing decision of the audience. In fitness, this is something that is even more important. It is important that you send the right message with your website design, particularly when it comes to physical training and workout. Now, you might be slightly confused as to how you can incorporate this aspect into your web page and use it to shape your brand.

Well, if you think about it, it’s not that difficult. Your website is an extension of your brand identity and can help make people familiar with elements such as your logo design, font choice and brand colors. It is important to consider multiple factors when creating a website such as ease of navigation and attractive imagery. With a gym’s page, designers and brand owners also have to consider the workout plan.

You want to make sure that people can see exactly what they will get by joining or following the routine. In case you are looking for inspiration to come with an effective gym workout website design that can shape your brand, here are a few ideas you might explore.

F45 Training

This website design is one of the best examples of a gym workout shaping the brand. If you consider the name, it becomes quite obvious what the brand and the routine is all about. The web page is designed to reflect the fitness brand with the workout staying true to its name. With a prominent logo on the top left corner and an appealing background video of the training sessions and workout movements, the website immediately catches the eye of the viewer.

If you scroll slightly down on the homepage, you will come across more high quality imagery of the exercises which include high intensity training as well as cardio and strength training. With its red and blue color palette, clean and minimalist typography and ample white space, the web design influences the branding in the best way possible.

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FHitting Room

The simple website easily stands out with its striking white and black color scheme. By adding green as an accent color, this fitness web page is designed to make the visitor stay for a long time. One of the first things that you would notice about the website is that it clearly mentions the type of workout or routine that people will be able to find at the FHitting Room. It offers Kettlebell training and covers a range of functional exercises as well.

When it comes to the gym workout shaping the brand, there are various elements in the website design which focus on that aspect. The video in the header highlights the various workouts and fitness regimes that you will be able to follow by taking classes.

As people move below, they can find options to join in person or opt for the virtual program. The website is curated carefully to shape or represent the brand in the best way possible.

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Primal 7

This fitness website combines powerful imagery with convincing video marketing. With their gym logo placed on the menu bar at the top and an attractive color palette of green and black, the web design instantly makes a positive impression on the viewer. The workout is highlighted in the video and images that you see as you scroll past the header image.

Primal 7 focuses on creating support fitness routines for different body shapes and people of all ages. The gym also provides people with equipment for support while working out. The workout website design is created to convey the core message of the brand which is inclusivity.

Since this brand is about making it easier for people to exercise at home, you will also come across images of gym equipment which can be set up at home as well.

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– Octopus Academy

If you take a look at it, the website design for Octopus Academy accurately represents the brand. The Academy focuses on providing martial arts training and offers fitness plans as well for those looking to get into shape. The web design features a background video that showcases the various routines which you can sign up for.

When you scroll down, you can even find a timetable for the Jiu Jitsu classes. Its strategically placed brand identity design also immediately catches the eye at the top. The home page is quite simple with minimal elements that heavily influence the fitness brand. You can also find images of the martial arts training or self-defense classes at the bottom of the page and get an insight into the experts behind Octopus Academy as well.

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– Pure Barre

It is quite obvious from the name that the fitness brand is about practicing and learning barre. In case you are unaware, the exercise or training combines balle techniques or movement with physical training. The website design features the red and white logo of the brand which is placed right above a video that gives people an insight into the gym and workouts.

When it comes to the gym workout website design, the messaging is quite clear. You can find out what the plan has to offer and what exactly you will be getting by participating in the classes. The dynamic header image features a Call-To-Action which is difficult to miss. It encourages people to join a foundation class and get an idea of the workout.

As you explore the page further, you can find all the relevant information on the classic, full-body and cardio workouts.

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To Sum Up

These are some of the gym workout website designs that have helped shape the brands successfully. You will find that the exercises and routines are impossible to miss on the home page. In fact, a number of them have used header images and videos to immediately tell visitors what they have to offer. If you take a look at these website designs above, you will be able to get an idea about how you can incorporate the workout to represent your brand as well. With a professionally designed website, you can make a mark in the world of fitness too!

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