Product Page Inspirations To Boost Ecommerce Store Conversions

Given the rising competition in the digital world, most businesses are shifting their focus towards creating an ecommerce store that attracts high traffic. With a responsive web design and features such as high quality visuals, soothing colors or animations, you can encourage visitors to stay on the page and explore. While all of these are factors that can immediately catch the consumer’s eye, a lot of people are looking for ecommerce websites that are easy to navigate and have well-designed product pages.

If you think about it, many companies have various types of product pages, with some keeping it minimalistic and others opting for an elaborate design. The layout, visuals and product images need to come together in a way that convinces the consumers to make a purchase. Sometimes, you may find yourself confused about designing the product pages of the ecommerce store.

Mostly, businesses want to make sure that the website represents the brand in the best way possible and features their logo design, colors and appealing typography. However, for a product page, you might want to dig deeper! If you are looking for product page inspirations to boost conversions, here are a few that have been doing quite well.


The ecommerce store immediately welcomes visitors with soothing colors and appealing imagery. Its product pages also reflect the theme of the website and have high quality visuals. The visitor can find all the relevant information about the item from the ‘key ingredients’ and ‘direction for use’. You cannot miss the bright yellow call-to-action (CTA) that changes color according to the product and creates a striking contrast with the scheme of the website.

It is important for a product page to have all the information that the consumer might be looking for. This makes it easier for them to make a decision and purchase the item without searching other places.

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Design Tip: Keep the description brief and include bullet points that make it easier for the visitor to skim through the page.

Master And Dynamic

When it comes to innovative or unique product pages, this one certainly ranks among the top. If you are looking for headphones, the first thing you will see a large, high quality picture of the product that covers the entire page or fold. Visitors can instantly get a look at the headphones and form an opinion about the item. The page is dynamic and people can find all the features including an ‘add to bag’ button as they scroll down.

You will also find a video that highlights the quality of the headphones. With clear and large visuals and a black and white color scheme, the ecommerce store aims to keep visitors on the page and convince them to buy the product immediately.

The design might inspire you to create a product page that draws attention to the item and engages consumers successfully. At the end, you may find it easier to boost conversions and generate more sales as well.

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Design Tip: Use clear and high quality images or visuals as people are viewing the product in an online store. Make the page interactive for a good user experience.


This website has interactive product pages which focus on the display of information along with the item. The different features are explained in detail and you can get an idea of why you purchase the product. People can also look through the different images which showcase the item from various angles. You can see a brief description and a distinctive call-to-action button in orange which instantly catches the attention against the black background.

With the specification given below, you don’t have to go too far to find details or information about the product.

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Design Tip: Include multiple images and from all angles so that potential customers get a clear look at the product and can make the right decision.


The ecommerce store makes quite an impression with its product page. If you are looking for inspiration currently, there are quite a few ideas you can find here! Pilgrim is an aromatherapy business which sells essential oils and diffusers. The product page has an image of the item with a small introduction and list of ingredients.

Just below the ‘add to cart’ option, you can find all the methods of payments which are accepted. As people scroll down, they can find the specifications of the product in detail and how its properties can help relax the mind.

One feature that makes the product pages stand out among other ecommerce platforms is the ‘Customer Reviews’ And FAQ sections. Pilgrim has included real customers who have used the product and featured them on the page.

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Design Tip: Answer common customer questions and try to include reviews from real customers.


You might be surprised to see this well-known brand in the list. The product pages on their website are quite minimalistic and keep the focus on the item. The visuals of the cookies are quite appealing and there is a convincing description which can encourage people to place an order immediately. At the end, visitors can also find an engaging video and the option to customize the cookie.

The CTA features gradients of pink and blue that stand out against the white background and catch the eye of potential customers.

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Design Tip: Micro animations and short videos are becoming a popular trend that will continue through 2022. You can add such features below the fold and keep the page clutter free as well.


The lifestyle brand has an ecommerce store which drives up conversions through its attractive product pages. If you take a look below, you will see how the colorful visuals allow people to get a close view of the item. With a brief description, Holstee encourages visitors to purchase the product with a CTA button that shows up on the side even when they scroll down.

You can also find explainer videos about the item and customer reviews towards the end that can help you make a decision. There is a product gallery that you can look through for more images as well.

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Design Tip: Add an explanation below the fold or give details about the product so it becomes easier for consumers to get all the relevant information.

Love Hair

This beauty store has a line of hair products that have been created with natural ingredients. The product pages represent the minimalism of the brand as well. You can find a large image of the product and all the information about its main ingredients. For more details, visitors can easily access the ‘How To Use’ and ‘Ingredients’ categories.

The important information is highlighted below along with its source and potential results. There is also a short video about the product that keeps the consumer on the page for a long time.

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Design Tip: Keep the CTA clear and make sure that it’s above the fold. You can display it on the side when people are scrolling down too.

To Sum Up

These are some product page inspirations to boost ecommerce store conversions over a short span of time. You can come up with such designs or include particular features that could result in an increase in traffic and a high conversion rate as well. Make sure that the visitor is able to get all the relevant information about the product and get a close look at it as well.

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