Rebranding Barriers For Expanding Handyman Businesses

Branding is the key to success in a competitive world. It is the one thing that sets one company apart from another. Having a professional brand identity is now more important than ever especially for businesses that provide handyman services.

Just like any service-based business, a handyman company needs an attractive and memorable visual identity. This includes logo design, business card design, website design, and app design. Apart from this, there are many other ways to reinforce the strength of a brand.

This said, businesses can face challenges whilst branding their expanding company. The dilemma of whether to completely change the identity or reshape the existing one often puzzles entrepreneurs. And today we will discuss some rebranding barriers for growing handyman business owners willing to rebrand.

Rebranding Barriers

Handyman businesses face an uphill battle when it comes to branding. The service industry is already saturated with competition and it’s often difficult to find a way to stand out.

Let’s explore some major rebranding barriers and figure out solutions.

Not Knowing How To Brand

Many businesses and organizations realize the importance of branding. However, they don’t know how to go about it. They often invest in creating a logo without making sure that it matches the company’s values. This is where branding consultants come in.


Not knowing how to brand is one of the common pitfalls that brands often fall into. What it often comes down to is a lack of understanding about the importance of branding and how a strong brand can impact a business.

The first and foremost struggle for businesses is they don’t know how to start the branding process. No matter if it is about designing the brand from scratch or redesigning the existing brand, it is always a challenge. Unfortunately, lack of direction is a common problem among many businesses.


If you are a client who is not sure about your brand’s identity, then you must invest some time researching the following things.

What are the latest design trends in branding, especially in handyman businesses?
How does the graphic design industry work to make a successful and lucrative brand?
What are the many brand identity inspirations around the world in your niche?
How can you connect visuals with your brand’s services and vision?

With the help of branding agencies, businesses can get a better understanding of their brand and how they can stand out in the marketplace. Brand designers work with businesses and organizations to create logo designs and brand identities for them.

Lack Of Branding Funds

To start a business is challenging, but to grow a business is even more challenging. In this day and age, most startups have to focus on generating revenue from day one. When it comes to marketing, they barely have enough funds for logo design and website development.


Lack of branding funds can lead to the inability of a business to attract attention from customers. The idea is that if a company cannot attract customers, it cannot survive in the long run.


The first step is to create a comprehensive plan. This will help you stay on track and help you to know what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Once your goals are well-defined and you have a clear idea of what your brand needs, then allocating your finances to each aspect of branding becomes fairly easy.

Following are some budgeting tips for rebranding.

Analyze all the business costs regarding business expansion.
Allocate a chunk to branding so you know how much you can spend on design.
Give priority to brand identity items like logo design, web design, and app design.

While some handyman businesses opt for free logo makers or cheaper options, it is best to hire professional designers to handle the complete brand identity design of your company so that everything is aligned and consistent.

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Bogus Market Research

It is a common misconception that market research is an optional stage in the branding process. In reality, it should be treated as a must-have. Market research can help brands better understand their transforming target audience and create marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with them.

The market research is done to know the customers’ preferences and then use it as a foundation to create a marketing strategy that will suit their needs.


If market research isn’t done right then it becomes difficult to guide the brand’s design strategy. Bad market research can have a significant impact on branding. This is because if you don’t know who to communicate with, how will you do it? Several businesses leave loopholes in market research and that can lead to a brand’s downfall. It can be because they don’t know how to do it, or because they don’t want to spend money and time on research.


Market research involves the investigation of products or services to identify their needs, wants, and desires. To do successful market research, you need to have a clear understanding of the people who are going to be using what you are selling. When done finding their preferences, you need to research where they spend their time looking for products and what their potential buying habits are.

There are many steps to take when conducting market research:

Establish your goals and objectives.
Figure out what you need to know.
Perform quantitative research.
Perform qualitative research
Create a survey and then analyze the data gathered from it.

Successful market research is a task that requires a lot of time, money, and human resources. With AI assistance, it becomes easier for organizations to do market research without compromising on quality. Market researchers can use AI tools to generate data to get a deeper insight into their markets.

Following are some tools to help you with market research.

Google Trends
Heartbeat Ai

Over Designing Brand

Many brands are over designing their logo, color scheme, and graphic design. This is because they are taking too much time to think about the best way to convey what their brand is. And in this process, they end up adding everything to the design.


While people are becoming increasingly aware of design, there are still many business owners who have no clue as to how to brand. This is the reason they tend to add too many concepts, ideas, and graphic design elements in their handyman logo design or website design. Because of this, the brand identity becomes a hodgepodge that is unattractive and difficult to remember.


Designing the brand is the part where one needs to balance all the elements. Not that minimal design or flat design is the way to go all the time, but the idea is to not overdo it.

Brands can use identity guidelines to make sure that they are not over designing. They should limit the number of colors that they use in their branding and only include the most important parts of their brand in logos or other identity graphics. Brands can also create a style guide for themselves that will help them create consistent content across all channels.

Following are some handyman logo inspirations to help you understand how brands are using graphic elements to embellish their designs.

The goal of branding or a rebranding campaign is to present a company in a new, better light. It should reflect what the company stands for and should be more consistent with its values. Rebranding is often associated with the change of a business logo or slogan. But behind all that, it’s really about changing perceptions and shaping your company’s identity.

A successful rebranding campaign starts by understanding your current customers’ needs, goals, and values. This will help you match your brand story to theirs to create an emotional connection that engages them with your service.

Is there anything bothering you about rebranding your expanding handyman business? Share your concern.

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