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In a study on consumer behavior, around 81 percent of shoppers said that they will only buy from brands that they trust. This goes to show the importance of building a connection with the consumer and appealing to their emotions. When it comes to food and beverage brand logos, establishing a positive relationship with the consumer is even more crucial. If you take the tea industry for example, it is one of the biggest across the world with the global market valuing at $200 billion during 2020.

Given the wide consumer base and audience, brands that produce tea leaves rely on emotional marketing and branding to reach out to build recognition. As an aspiring business owner in the industry, you need to focus on creating a brand which immediately gives people a sense of relaxation and a boost of energy.

With elements of your visual brand identity such as the logo design, imagery and website design, you can not only bring out such emotions but also create a strong brand identity.

The logo graphics of a brand or business are critical to the impact of its branding strategy. People can associate with the colors, icons or shapes and fonts easily and have a negative or positive perception of the brand. In order to help you find inspiration for branding with tea logos, here are a few ideas that could power up your brain.

– Minimalist Redesign

If you think about it, tea brands are rarely known for changing or redesigning their logos. However, at times, your tea logo just might be in need of a redesign. Ultimately, the success and growth of a business relies on the quality of its products or service, and customer support. However, a well-designed and professional brand identity design can go a long way in helping a company send its message. It is also how you create an emotional connection with the consumers and come up with effective branding strategies.

With a recreation or rebrand, you can change the perception of your brand successfully and even introduce new products such as bottled tea or various flavors. For instance, if you go from an elaborate design to a minimalist wordmark, you can highlight a shift towards a more modern and relevant brand. The tea brand, Tazo, is one of the most appealing examples of this.

Tazo (Old Logo)
Image Source: teaperspective.com

Tazo (Current Logo)
Image Source: logos-download.com

By introducing their logo with just the name of the company in a modern and clean San Serif font , they have been able to revamp their image and connect with a younger demographic as well. The company changed its logo from a Gothic and edgy appearance to a minimalist design which represents its shift to a more inclusive brand.

Branding Idea: Once you decide to recreate or re-design a tea logo, you can launch a targeted branding campaign with short videos on social media networks or your website that highlight the packaging or introduce new blends.

New and Old Packaging.
Image Source: Pinterest

– Elegant Monogram

There is something quite exciting and mysterious about monogram logos. They can tell a viewer so much about the brand without requiring a lot of elements in their design. In tea brands, you may not see this often as companies prefer to use imagery and wordmarks to showcase their speciality. Tea Forte is a company that uses their monogram which features along with the wordmark in their logo design very effectively. The contemporary and sophisticated typography highlight the values that the brand represents.

Image Source: wikimedia

Image Source: teaforte.com

It aims to offer consumers high-quality and exclusivity with its special blends and signature products. If you opt for a monogram as well, you can certainly create interest within the audience and be able to stand out in a highly competitive market. It could help make people familiar with your brand logo.

Take a look at some other tea brands which are using sophisticated monograms to market their products to millennials and Gen Z.

Image Source: fgororganics.com

Image Source: fgororganics.com

Branding Idea: With a monogram in tea logos, you can incorporate letters or initials of your company name within the design. So you have the option of using it individually on business cards, packaging and other print mediums. For digital platforms, you can introduce your monogram on your Facebook or Instagram pages to engage a younger audience.

Image Source: drinkdona.com

– Modern Icons

In today’s day and age, simplistic icons which give brand symbols a modern appeal are becoming more and more popular. There are a lot of ways that these icons or shapes can be used in branding for tea products. If you look through some of the current logos that are being used by companies, you will realize that many of them are using such icons to their advantage.

Jade Leaf Matcha is a brand that has managed to build a loyal customer base with its icon which represents a tea leaf. Similarly, there is Teakruthi which is globally recognized by its logo design that highlights its process and specialties.

Image Source: jadeleafmatcha.com

Image Source: jadeleafmatcha.com

Image Source: teakruthi.com

Image Source: teakruthi.com

Branding Idea: Modern and simple icons attract the interest of the people and convey the right message as well. You can use such symbols to promote the brand through your website and via collaborations with various blogs such as Tea For Me Please or The Cup of Life.

– Professional Emblem

There are many ways that you can use an emblem to create a powerful brand for a tea company and engage with the audience successfully. In order to promote a certain brand image that is relevant to your business model and industry, you can get inspiration from various recognizable emblems that have been able to connect with consumers globally.

One of the most famous examples of branding with an appealing emblem is Twinings. While the brand uses its primary logo for most of its products, its emblem is featured on all the tea bag blends and packaging within the US. The company’s logo is widely recognized for its historic design which includes the symbol of the founding family and the distinct wordmark.

Image Source: twiningsusa.com

Image Source: twiningsusa.com

Branding Idea: While you may think that achieving such success with branding is difficult, it can be achieved with consistency and effort. By choosing a well-designed emblem that is easily scalable as well, you can come up with an effective strategy which makes use of both print and digital mediums.

So you can market your new products on flyers, brochures or small billboards while also attracting attention via email marketing and newsletters.

– Brand Name With Nature Imagery

These logos are widely popular and used by some of the biggest tea brands across the globe. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf company, Red Rose Tea and Good Earth are all examples of companies which use their name with imagery that immediately gives the consumer an idea of their industry.

Image Source: logos-download.com

Image Source: store.coffeebean.com

Image Source: wikimedia

Image Source: redrosetea.com

Image Source: goodearth.com

Image Source: goodearth.com

This works quite well in branding as such images instantly catch the eye and prevent any confusion about the brand or its products as well. If you are thinking about revamping your tea logo design or coming up with one, you can certainly consider a combination of name and imagery.

It will help you create awareness and highlight the core values of the brand in the best way possible.

Branding Idea: With such logos, you have quite a lot of options in branding. From video marketing to a catchy tagline, you can build successful campaigns around your brand identity design for the tea company. Sponsored Ads or short videos on Youtube may work well for increasing recognition and helping people become familiar with the packaging and logo.

To Sum Up

These are some examples of logos with branding ideas which could provide you with the inspiration you are looking for. In the end, it is important to keep in mind that the average attention span of the consumer is getting shorter so you have a very small window to make a positive impression with your brand symbol. By getting a professionally designed logo, you can build a strong brand identity which stays in memory for a long time.

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