Toolbox Tips to Revamp Your Outdated Handyman Website

Website designing is an important part of your brand identity in the 21st century, so avoid ignoring it. Now is the right time to redesign your handyman website. Why? Well, first of all, business owners need to get out of the pandemic stricken phase. And secondly, your company’s website design is your primary marketing tool so it needs to be updated with the latest information.

A handyman business has to take care of their online presence just as much as their physical one. A poorly designed or outdated website can turn customers away. You can use these tips to redesign your site and up the professionalism, usability, and overall appeal for potential customers.

Let’s kick in.

What To Achieve With New Website Design

It’s time to make your website more attractive and user-friendly. This will help to improve the conversion rate of your site and help you get more customers. The goal in all this is also to make a modern website that appears appealing to a present-day audience.

With your redesigned handyman website, you need to achieve the following few things:

Make your website design easy to navigate for users to surf through it
Optimize your site for mobile devices such as iPad and smartphones
Build a customer loyalty program for a better experience with your company
Explain to customers of precautions you are taking amidst a pandemic
Ease the process of filling the form and picking services, and mode of payment

Tips To Revamp Your Outdated Handyman Website

There is a lot of competition in this industry, and it can be difficult to stay on top. That’s why you need to make sure that your website is up-to-date and that it speaks to your target market. Here are some tips for refreshing your website design.

Highlight Your Visual Identity

The visual identity of a brand plays a vital role in the success of a business that operates online. Your visual identity is how you want your website to look and what you want it to be associated with. When establishing your visual identity, make sure that it conveys the message you are trying to portray, stays consistent throughout your site, and aligns with the company brand.

There’s only one way to establish your visual presence by crafting an aesthetic that accurately reflects both your handyman company and its services. For this reason, many entrepreneurs choose to hire skilled designers who can help them craft their unique look, starting with a professional logo design.


Create Kickass Content

The first thing that you should do when redesigning your website is to design a content strategy. You need to know the target audience, the purpose of your site, and what you hope to achieve with it. The next step is to identify what content should go on your site. Moreover, you need to make sure that the new piece of content is relevant and compelling.

To get started on a winning content strategy, the following are a few steps to help you create a successful content plan.

STEP 1: Research Your Niche

The first thing that you should do when revamping your website is to design a content strategy. You need to know the target audience, the purpose of your site, and what you hope to achieve with it.

In the research part of planning content, also observe how competitors have written and curated information. The point of doing this exercise is not just to take inspiration but also to make sure your handyman company website has something unique to offer. Hence, learn about your unique selling proposition as well and how you can use it to develop persuasive content.

STEP 2: Define Your Content Goals

Content goals are the objectives an organization sets for its content. They are usually expressed in terms of audience reach, engagement, or return on investment. Content goals for websites are often related to improving traffic and conversion rates, increasing brand awareness, or generating leads. Thus, content goals should be specific, measurable, concrete, realistic, and time-bound.

Successful content goals should be based on the website’s main purpose. For example, if your website is about selling products or services for handymen then your content goals should revolve around sales. If it’s an information portal for handymen then your content goals should focus on educating them with useful information.

To improve content for your website, these are some questions to consider:

What is the purpose of my content?
Who is my target customer?
What do I want my customers to do?
What words should I use in my content?

Content is the cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign. Given that it will be your primary tool to reach out to customers, you need to understand its role in building an online brand.

The best way to present content is by dividing it into topics. This not only helps you create a focused strategy for each platform but also prevents people from getting lost in your website or app.

Nowadays, people usually look for quick solutions on their mobile phone or laptop, so they need content that is easily accessible and doesn’t require too much time before they can act on it. That’s why dividing content into topics can help marketers focus on what customers are looking for and how they want it delivered.

Here are some examples of topics for your handyman website.

Our Services
Reasons to Choose Us
How it Works
Customer Feedback
Our Projects
Our Partners/Contractors
Handyman Blog
What’s Trending
Covid SOPs
Cities Where We Work
Get Cost Estimates
Contact Information

STEP 3: Redesign Website Navigation

Navigation is the most important factor for a website. The navigation should be redesigned in such a way that it can serve as a useful tool for visitors and they can easily browse the website.

Website navigation is something that we often ignore and don’t redesign. However, website navigation has a significant impact on the way people interact with our website and can drastically affect the number of conversions.

We can take a few different approaches to this problem: 1) we can reconfigure the layout of the menu, 2) we can position it at the top of the page, 3) we can change it from text links to icons, etc.

Furthermore, to redesign a handyman site, a new navigation design can include a call-to-action button, contact information such as telephone number or email, services list, and a drop-down lead form.

One thing that we need to keep in mind is that the user’s experience is paramount; they should always come first. The users should be able to find content easily without spending too much time wondering where to go.

STEP 4: Focus On Visual Content

Visuals are one of the most important elements of an online marketing campaign. According to surveys, images are processed 60,000 times faster than text.
It is essential that visual content on a website grabs the attention of visitors and encourages them to stay longer on the site. Attention spans are short these days and people do not like reading long texts. They want to see images that will catch their attention instantly.

Visual content is thus a great way to communicate and engage with your audience on the web. However, it’s important to know what type of images will work best for your business and provide the desired effect.

Here are a few ideas of what comprises visual content:

Photographs of handymen working
Demo videos of handymen at work
An interactive star rating system
Team shots and headshots
Infographics about the process
Icons for social media, menu, and trigger words
Homepage hero image slider
Call-to-action buttons
Google-powered map
Typography for headings

Recreate Website Design

Are you wondering, “Why should I redesign my handyman website?” Well, if your website is up-to-date then you don’t need to revamp but if you have an outdated website then along with the brand identity and content, think about transforming the overall theme of your handyman site.

When redesigning your website design, take advantage of the latest technologies and web design trends to stay relevant. The website should not only look attractive but should be user-friendly as well, which is why UX design is crucial.

Make sure that you keep a check on the following design terms, elements and principles.

White space: it is the space in a design that exists around the content of the website.
Hierarchy: it is a way to structure content into appealing and readable chunks to show the level of importance of information.
Background: the images and colors that appear in the back of the content.
Alignment: it helps to position elements on your website in a visually appealing way.
Shape: two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms help to fill unusual spaces.
Color: shades and tones of hues help to add emotion, beauty, and symbolism to design.
Typography: it is about how you compose the written words, especially those used for headlines and subheadings.

Handyman Website Inspirations

With the help of web design inspiration, it is possible to gain new ideas for website designs. One can use these websites to get great ideas for good website layouts and befitting color schemes.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Why Redesign Your Handyman Website

Handyman websites should be well-designed to increase conversion rates, make it easy for customers to find what they want, and generally improve customer experience. If your website lacks the above-mentioned qualities then you must get a website redesign.

Here are a few reasons why you should redesign your handyman website today.

To make your website more user-friendly
To design your website for a changing world
To appeal to online buyers
To get more leads through landing pages
To rebrand your brand image on the web
To improve user experience
To drive more traffic to your website
To make your website responsive
To update information on your website
To improve website’s SEO

Your website design should reflect your business’ message and convert visitors to clients. Websites that are outdated and unprofessional can be a major hindrance to your business.

So if you need to revamp your handyman website and you’re not then think about all that you will lose when not redesigning and all that you will gain when redesigning. Think about it!

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