Top Functioning Handyman Apps Fit For Local Customers

In this day and age, digitalization has made it a lot easier for businesses and consumers to connect with each other. If you think about it, there are different applications that you might use on a daily basis to shop, look for various items or book services for home maintenance or repairs. Presently, there are a lot of businesses that are operating online and they may even have their own apps to make it simpler for their clients or customers to hire the services.

When it comes to such businesses, people want to hire professionals who are quick, skilled and responsive. So businesses in the sector have to focus on coming up with well-designed and easy to navigate apps or website designs that can help them become visible. In this day and age, you cannot deny the importance of a well-functioning handyman app for customers.

If you are thinking about getting one designed or launching an app for your local customers, then these are some of the top functioning ones.


This is one of the best handyman apps that you will be able to find presently. The app allows their clients to book cleaners, plumbers or electrical services in a short span of time. It is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface which makes it simpler for people to figure out how to make and confirm their bookings.

Handy is a business which started in 2012 and now operates from New York. Its services are available in the UK and Canada as well. The business has grown a lot over the years and with a well-designed application, the company has tapped into a wider market. If you take a look at the app, you will see how it not only represents the brand with the prominent logo design and the color scheme.

Key Features

Location Tracker: allows clients to follow the professional that has been hired
Rating and Review: People can leave a review or rate the experts based on their experience
Instant communication: clients get matched with professionals immediately and can discuss the problem beforehand
Schedule appointment: the app has a feature that lets people manage their bookings for a later date.

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You may already be familiar with the name and app too. The online marketplace was founded during 2008 and has become a popular name in the industry. It actually introduced people to the idea of booking professionals for work around the house or to run errands. TaskRabbit’s app has an appealing layout and stays true to the brand as well. With its visual design, the application not only helps people become familiar with the business but also highlights the core values.

TaskRabbit has options of booking contactless services and making payments through a secure system. People can choose the type of services they want and book a professional accordingly. For a handyman, the clients get to pick any of the local ‘taskers’ which are available in their location. This way, they don’t have to wait for a long time.

Key Features

Local experts: matches clients with handymen who are local.
Price comparison: shows the best prices according to the service
24/7 Support: customers can reach out to representatives at any time
Same day booking: people are able to make bookings immediately

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Urban Company

The company which also has the same name is behind this all-in-one app. You can book services from makeup artists and home tutors to handymen and contractors. It is currently available in different states of India, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. The application allows users to book deep cleaning, electrical repairs, painters and movers in a short span of time. Urban Company keeps making changes and updating their app to make it more user-friendly.

People can have access to a wide range of professionals and also find out about the safety measures they follow to maintain hygiene. The app has a clean and minimalist design with an easy to navigate interface.

Key Features

Monitor safety protocols: people can check what measures are being followed
Search option on the top: users are able to search for the desired services right from the beginning
Background details: the professionals are carefully vetted and people can access their details as well.

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It is a highly useful platform that was established in 2008 within California. The app has also allowed small business owners and contractors to connect with clients looking to get work done. Thumbtack has a modern handyman app that allows users to find a handyman near their locations. With a lot of white space and high quality images, the Thumbtack application is designed to make it easier for people to choose the right pros.

People can also compare prices and look through reviews by other customers or clients. If you are searching for a design inspiration that is simple and gets the message to the audience, then this could certainly give you quite a few ideas.

Key Features

Local Hiring: users can book handymen who are available locally and can reach in a short time too.
Estimated Pricing: people can check prices and total costs which have been paid by other clients. They can compare prices easily.
Profile features: the profiles of pros mention all the details such as their time in the industry, rating on Thumbtack and amount of jobs completed.
Service filter: it is easy to look for the required service from plumbing and repairs to dog walking.

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Angi: Find Pros For Home Improvement & Repairs

Previously known as HomeAdvisor, the revamped app is designed to make the process of hiring a handyman and contractors simpler. With a minimalist layout and striking white and orange color scheme, the app represents the new brand to the users. It allows people to select from categories that include remodeling, cleaning and builders as well.

The Angie application has an interactive interface and makes use of the in-app payment feature as well. Users can also avail the option of paying over a period of time if accepted by the pros or contractors.

Key Features

Request A Quote: people can ask the experts their estimate before deciding upon a price.
Easy to find categories: they are positioned right below the search bar.
Secure payment option: users can pay securely via the application without any lags or problems.

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Local App Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

When it comes to handyman app design trends, you need to keep a few factors in mind. In the present and coming year, there may be a lot of importance given to UX design. So you make sure that your application has a simple layout and interface that does not confuse the audience. Presently, the features being incorporated into applications include:

Complete Swipe Mode

With an application, people want to move things quickly and get a better experience than a desktop or computer. Swiping through the menu, images and slides makes it easier for people to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Voice Commands And Chatbots For Instant Support

For mobiles and smartphones, voice command features have become very common. So users actively look for apps that offer improved accessibility and do not require signing in again. Most of them also have chatbots or a live chat option that allows people to contact a representative in case of a problem immediately.


Personalization can provide the users with a good experience and help business owners focus on what their audience wants. Recommendations and search filters are mostly customized for users, and help them choose the type of service they require.

Data Visualization

Since large and high quality visuals are important in applications, data visualization is one feature that can attract more users. Visual guides, tutorials and testimonials can make it easier for users to follow instructions or book professionals that deliver quality work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

These include tracking, monitoring, geotagging and making predictions through the algorithm. In applications, AI plays quite an important role and is helping developers improve UI/UX design.

When you are designing your app for your business, focus on easy navigation and keep in mind some of the popular design trends that can attract local customers. Today, it’s all about having a minimalist layout with few elements and more white space. Contrasting colors, shadow layers and illustrations are also quite commonly seen. 3D or geometric shapes are also looking to dominate the layout and can stand out against a white or black background.

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Wrapping Up

These are some of the top functioning handyman apps for local customers. You can look through them for inspiration on interface design, color scheme or features to include. If you want to launch an app for your handyman business, it is a good idea to get one professionally designed.

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