Hothouse 13: Animators wanna have fun

A spirit of pure invention informs the latest edition of Hothouse which got underway on November 15. That’s when the National Film Board opened the doors of its famous animation studios, now housed in new headquarters in downtown Montreal, to six young animation artists from […]

NFB Staff Picks 2019

Every year, our team takes part in a little activity we’ve all become really fond of: our end-of-the-year staff picks. The rules are simple: the title has to have been added to in 2019 and be available for free viewing. We have hundreds of […]

Folklore and Mythology | Curator’s Perspective

I have always been fascinated with Greek mythology. I’m especially fascinated by the movie versions of these incredible tales (Clash of the Titans is a personal favourite). While most Greek mythology has come down in the form of epic poems, it was motion pictures that brought to life these fantastic stories filled with deities, heroes and mythological creatures.   For International Animation Day, I thought I’d try […]