The Stages of UX Design Process

Whether you’re building a SaaS application, website, game, or other digital product, developing an efficient UX design process is crucial to your project’s success. This systematic, iterative process ensures teams follow standard protocols to deliver projects consistently while meeting the organization’s quality standards. Table of […]

What Is a Mockup — The Final Layer of UI Design

Table of contents What is a UI Mockup?What are Mockups for?When to use UI MockupsAnatomy of a MockupContent LayoutColor & ContrastTypographySpacing3 Types of MockupsGraphic Design SoftwareMockup ToolsCodeBest Practices to Create MockupsMobile-First ApproachAvoid Switching ToolsUse a Component Library or UI KitDon’t Reinvent the WheelAdopt a Minimalist […]

UX Research Cheat Sheet

UX research is the bedrock for any design project. UX designers and researchers must gather insights about the market, competitors, and, most importantly, users. This research continues throughout the design process as designers test ideas and gather feedback from participants and stakeholders. To be a […]

How to Improve Feedback Loops in Design Process

Key Takeaways Feedback loops have three stages, that is action, effect, and feedback.They are used to understand users, validate design ideas, build information architecture, as well as improve usability.Feedback loops solve problems and answer questions, but they can be either positive (increase an input action) […]